Fall 2018 Recap: Beginnings


Year four at UW Oshkosh welcomed in many new students and new learning experiences to go with it. In addition to the introductory courses in music production, the Recording Studio Procedures course kept busy with demonstrations of recording techniques on many different instruments, thanks to the performance help from students. One of the highlights was a visit from the Titan String Quartet, as you can see mic’d up below:


On a more personal project, I continued work on my ambient project, “Birth/Rebirth”. I am nearly done creating the recording using electronic guitar and other electronic instruments. I have been posting each new track as I have completed them, but they will subsequently be curated down to a single album. The completed tracks are posted via Bandcamp:

In addition to the recorded element, I am working on transcribing the pieces for acoustic instruments. Several percussion students have been assisting me with practicing these performances. It has been an exciting experience to hear these ideas come to life.


One of the major themes of the “Birth/Rebirth” project is the birth of our son, Max. In my album notes, I say: “This exercise served as an expression of the anticipation of birth, and also a rebirth. Birth being the new life of my son, and rebirth being the gift of experiencing life through his eyes.”

This semester was full of new beginnings in many ways, and I look forward to keeping up the work in 2019!


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