Spring 2018 Recap: Sound & Color (Part 3)


The other highlight of my Spring semester was a trip to the SEAMUS (Society of Electro-Acoustic Musicians) Conference held in Eugene, Oregon in March of 2018 on the campus of the University of Oregon. This conference brings together musicians and composers who specialize in modern composition techniques that often involve electronics or other elements such as video, interactivity, and recorded sound.


My composition, “Saudade Study”, was performed on tenor saxophone by my friend and colleague, Dr. Drew Whiting. The piece features a recorded electronic soundtrack that I created, which is intended to be performed live with the saxophone. Another unique part of the piece is that it is written in different small sections and can be rearranged by the performer. The piece was recorded earlier in the semester for Dr. Whiting’s recital at UW Oshkosh and it can be viewed here.

IMG_20180329_223337While at the conference, we enjoyed seeing and hearing dozens of performances from phenomenal musicians and composers, including one of the most renown electroacoustic composers, Scott Wyatt. We also enjoyed exploring the university campus and took a scenic trip to the Pacific Ocean coast. It was a memorable experience that was a highlight of another busy semester.



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