Spring 2018 Recap: Sound & Color (Part 1)

So much happened this Spring that I need to split this into a three-parter! The start of 2018 was packed with new experiences and creative productions including an album recording, video productions for guest musicians, a Recording concert, and a music conference in Oregon. Here is what went down in Denver:

nate-john-polaroid.jpgAt the start of the year, I was thrilled to be invited by my long-time good friend, John Statz, to visit Denver in order to record his latest original album. I packed as much recording gear as I could take on an airplane and flew out there. We spent three packed days tracking the songs in his living room, which give the album a very intimate and personal feel.

Some of my favorite parts of the process were contributing to the music of the album and making creative decisions. These included adding some electric guitar ambience, keyboard parts, and even some percussion on an oatmeal can. The process was a great experience and the album is now available for your listening pleasure:

It was a true pleasure working again with John, and although this was mainly a break-up album that had some sadness in it, it was a creative reprieve and fun production process. More about the semester soon to come!



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