Spring 2017 Recap: Two Great Years at UWO

It is now officially Summer 2017 and that also means two years passed since I began teaching at UWO! It’s been quite a ride thus far, and we have been greatly enjoying our time back here in Oshkosh.

We thought it would be a fun idea to re-create a promotional pic from the Wally era.

There were numerous music-related projects going on during the semester. These included mixing an EP by Cody Statz, and a Doctoral thesis audio and video project by Andrew Briggs, featuring twelve short pieces (or “Caprices”) by Alfredo Piatti. A photo of the lesson capturing process is shown below:


In the classroom, we kept plenty busy, as well. Several special guests visited classes, including our student union Tech Coordinator, Kelsey Johnson-Fischer, and alum Ryan Romenesko, who told the class about his the time he has spent in the Music Industry, and also the great work that he has done with starting “The Refuge” arts organization in Appleton. I always strive to provide students with as many hands-on and real-world opportunities as possible, and this semester was definitely no exception!

uwo-studio-students-smWe also welcomed several fantastic musicians to help us record in our Group Recording Sessions class, including singer-songwriter Wade Fernandez, and good friend David Johnson. Student Jon Miller produced an excellent video that documented the performance (with a few seconds of me in my element at the start):

I also had the opportunity to play several live acoustic concerts, including a group show at Mania Resto on downtown Oshkosh. I always enjoy being able to take my tunes out live, and I plan to do more performing throughout the summer.


Cassie also kept very busy both teaching and creating art. Much of her studio work over the course of the semester culminated in a solo exhibition in Chicago at a location called Concord 55. It was exciting to see all of the work come together, and she had dozens of new work to display as part of the exhibit.


We were also sure to make time for fun, which included seeing one of our favorite comedians and podcast personalities, Marc Maron at the Orpheum Theater in Madison with our good friends Joe and Steph Briggs.


We also made it to a Spring Brewers game with both families for Mother’s Day, and I also got to see a great Bucks game as they made a playoff push. It is great to be in a state with so many great sports teams and stadiums nearby!


It was almost a bit overwhelming to think of all that took place over this past semester and year. It was a time of growth in the classroom, as a recording engineer, and as a musician. It was also a lot of fun. I am looking forward to some projects and catching up over these summer months, and also spending a lot of time with my partner in crime. We’ll check back in soon…


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