A Fall 2016 Recap: Teaching, Recording, and a lot more…

Another whirlwind semester is in the books. In thinking back on it, I know that a lot happened, but it all was so fast and crazy, I had to take a while to remember exactly what all had happened… but I’ll give it my best shot!


Classes continued with a full slate of courses in the Music Industry program. We had some fantastic guest visitors, including Jeff McDonald from Sweetwater Sound, and Randy Zentner, a teacher and sound engineer for the Green Bay Packers. I also had a great time speaking with Dr. Ken Liske’s Music Education class about recording and live sound basics.


I try to take the opportunity to provide students with as many real-world demonstrations as possible. One example of this was when Dr. Kirsten Idhe and Dr. Jessica Timman Schwefel did a vocal performance demonstration in the recital hall. It gave our Studio Procedures class the opportunity to set up microphones in various positions and better understand how the acoustics of the hall are captured.


This year, I also planned and hosted the first annual Music Industry Alumni event at Manila Resto in downtown Oshkosh. I wanted to use it as an opportunity to reconnect with graduates of the program, and for being the first year, we had a great turnout! The band, “Pam the Bear” provided us with some excellent horn-driven rock music. I am sure that the event will continue to grow and build in future years.


I finished several major recording projects this year, including the album, “The Loop”, by Cody Statz. (Follow the link to check it out, and I’ll discuss it more in a future post). I also completed a live recording of the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra performing the “Crazy Horse” symphony by John Harmon. I was given a beautiful framed picture when the project was completed and the CDs were printed.


As always, there was plenty of work going on in the recording studio. This included our Studio Procedures class, where we do a variety of different demonstrations on how to record various instruments and learn about recording techniques. There are also two practicum classes that allow students to do independent projects and then come together so that we can listen and discuss them.

Walter and Kelson doing some intense listening
Isaac helping us learn recording techniques for drums

The students did a lot of excellent and unique projects. One of them, by Ashton Boyd, included a group vocal recording. This is him working with the students (and myself) in order to get the timing and blend just right.


There is always plenty to improve and repair in the studio, whether it be organizing and rewiring gear, or fixing issues with our vintage 70’s era mixing console. I even got to face my fear of heights when we went on the recital hall catwalk to clean the microphone capsules.

Sophie, Matt, Katie, and Isaac work on repairing a channel strip from the console.

I even made an appearance on a live broadcast of “Titan Tunes” on our local Titan TV station, produced by Radio/TV/Film students. In the episode, I talked about my teaching in the program, and played various quiz games. We had a good time.


It seems like I have covered a lot and still have plenty more. There were dozens of concerts and recitals, including several from students who will be graduating or pursuing their internships next year. I got to meet and talk with artists Jay Ryan and Fred Stonehouse. We went hiking at High Cliff State Park. And, we saw a Badger football and basketball game. See you in 2017!



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