A lot is Happening at the UW Oshkosh Studio


The university studio has been keeping very busy this semester, both with projects and repairs! One of the main studio courses that I teach in the Spring is a group class called “Session and Mixdown”. In the course, we record bands and musicians together as a group and then students get together and create the mixes from what we recorded in class.


Our first project was to record the band, “The Present Age”, who won this year’s Battle of the Bands! Logan and Isaac did a fantastic job tracking the song, and we are also looking forward to recording an a cappella group this week.


In addition to the studio sessions and student projects, we have also been busy with our Care & Repair class. Some of the studio upkeep projects have included fixing channels on the mixing console, replacing bulbs, re-soldering cables, and generally keeping the space clean and tidy.


It’s been great to see the studio keeping busy following all of our upgrades, and I look forward to putting on the final touches by the end of the semester. There’s also a studio tour video that I have been working on, and I am excited to share it very soon.


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