Recording with Cody Statz in the Studio


It’s almost February, which also means that school is just about to kick back into gear for the Spring semester. As I get geared up, I also wanted to share a recording experience from during the interim break. Longtime friend Cody Statz reached out to me about recording a full-length album, which I was very pleased and excited to be a part of as recording engineer and producer. The project also includes bassist Mike Meske and drummer David Lamb.


We only had about five days to record all of Cody’s original songs for the album, and so it was a tight timeframe, but we put in some long hours in the studio and managed to complete all that we set out to do. It was a fun creative process to shape the songs and solidify the vision that Cody is creating for the album. Without revealing too much, the overall themes revolve around his experiences  working in the film industry while living in Los Angeles.


At one point doing the recoding process, we noticed that one of the Oshkosh a cappella groups was practicing in the choir room. We jumped on the opportunity to ask if they would be willing to perform a vocal part for one of Cody’s songs. They were not only willing, but very excited to be a part of it! I’m especially looking forward to building that particular song.


We still have a lot of steps to the mixing and overdubbing process, which will include more musical collaborations, but the process is going really well and I can’t wait to share more as we continue to work toward a completed project, likely later this year.


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