2016 Year in Review

I already have a New Year’s Resolution to get back into the habit of making regular blog posts! Since we started prepping to make our move from South Dakota back to Wisconsin earlier this year, things have been pretty crazy, but in a lot of great ways. The most noteworthy were:

  • Taking the position of Director of Recording Technology at UW Oshkosh in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
  • Finishing a packed and exciting first semester in my new position, with lots of work updating the studio and creating an updated curriculum
  • Both selling our home in Madison, South Dakota, and buying a new one in Oshkosh. (We miss you all!)
  • The completion of my latest original album, Far Away From Here featuring vocals and artwork by Cassie, and also including the musical talents of some great friends including Michael Gaylor, Jim Thuli, Paul Otteson, Tony Memmel, and Jacob Tews.
  • Playing an album release show at The Brickhouse in Madison, SD, as well as an outdoor festival gig at Strawbale Winery near Sioux Falls
  • Hosting the band Condor earlier this year as one of the last local folk concerts that I was a part of in Madison, SD. (but I’m glad to see that the series is still going strong!)


There’s a whole lot of work still to do in my new position, but I’m looking forward to the challenges. I’m also making it a goal to kick my acoustic performances back into gear and get my music out there more than ever. Cassie has also continued to keep very busy between her art career (lots of solo and group shows) and teaching courses at DSU. There’s a lot to be grateful for. Happy 2016!



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