“Far Away From Here” Release Date: May 19th


My new original album, “Far Away From Here”, will be available for download and purchase on May 19th, but I will also be posting up early tracks and previews very soon. I have an album release concert schedule for Wednesday, May 6th at the Brickhouse in Downtown Madison, SD. Track postings are coming soon! Here is a description of the upcoming album:

“…Like a lonely lost survivor floating at sea.”

This line, from the minimalistic acoustic track, “High and Dry”, came to me one summer day in the midst of a long drive across the stark South Dakota landscape. It exemplified a feeling that I think we all have on occasion as we stumble through our lives, searching for answers, fighting through our fears, and teaching ourselves to let go.

In this culmination of several years of writing and recording, I narrowed the theme to time and travel… a means of sharing my struggles with the existential search for meaning and the answers to why we’re here. Creating this album was was a time of intense growth, both as a songwriter, recording engineer, and as a person.

During this process, I had the pleasure of working with many phenomenally talented musicians, both locally and long-distance. From audio production students assisting with engineering, to sharing tracks several states over via the web. Michael Gaylor (Chemistry Professor by day, drum wizard by night) and Jim Thuli built percussive moods, Wisconsin songwriters Paul Otteson and Tony Memmel brought their haunting vocal harmonies into the mix, and composer and professor Jacob Tews added a cinematic flair through his viola performances. Not to mention, my wife Cassie contributing the gorgeous watercolor cover artwork, as well as her gentle harmony vocals.

I hope that your experience with the album allows you to connect in some way through my exploration of those personal challenges and battles that we likely all share in common. Sometimes we just feel that drive to be “Far Away From Here”…


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