Semester Recap – Fall 2014

It was a fun and busy holiday season once again, and this semester was no exception for being action packed and eventful. Here’s the highlights from another great Fall at DSU:


Appeared on the White Wall Sessions: Probably the biggest highlight of the semester was my live recording with Cassie on the “White Wall Sessions” for the taping of their second season. The recording has been broadcast on area radio, and will soon be on television and online, as we anxiously await it’s release. Other notable gigs this semester included opening for The Tinder Box at Latitude 44, and playing for a fundraiser at the Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge.


Mixed the album by Faux Fawn: My most exciting mix project was another mix collaboration with Paul Otteson of the band “Faux Fawn”. Paul wrote this excellent collection of dark and moody original songs for his latest album, and I enjoyed creating a warm, atmospheric mix. Along with making progress on my own personal album, I recorded longtime friend Jacob Tews on viola to give him audition materials.


Jami Lynn and Chris Champion Live Concert: We had one major live music collaboration with the Madison Area Arts Council this semester, and it was a true pleasure to welcome these two fine artists to play at the TCB auditorium on campus. The concert was recorded and will hopefully air on SDPB radio sometime in the near future.


DSU Live Events: There were a number of fun events in the DSU Underground this semester, some of my favorites included the annual faculty vs. student Poetry Slam, DSU’s Got Talent (which always brings a packed house to start off the year), and a number of comedians and dances kept the calendar pretty packed.


Looking ahead to next semester, my goals are very simple and straightforward: Finish the album and promote like crazy! In terms of school, I’ll be working on some changes to improve and market the program in order to make it more appealing than ever. Happy New Year, see you in the future… 2015!


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