A Race for the Fall 2014 Finish Line


As is typically the case during the Fall semester, the stack of events and activities grows ever-larger as we near the holidays. I have been continuing work on the album, while also getting classes involved in a lot of projects and hosting live sound events. These included a two fun events hosted by the English Club: Open Mic night and the annual DSU Poetry Slam (teachers vs. students).


For the first time, the DSU faculty took the prize and won claim to the infamous King Kong statue! There was a lot of talent on display at both events, and it is always fun to be a part of them.


Our Live Sound class also helped with hosting the music students, let by Sandy Champion, for their lunchtime performance in the Trojan Center cafeteria. The students were tasked with determining the necessary sound needs and arranging a list of items that would need to be provided. As is often the case, things didn’t go exactly as planned and we needed to do some improvisation, but everything ended up sounding great, and the students impressed with their vocal skills.

It was a great Thanksgiving break with family, and now finals week is approaching. More updates on recent projects are soon to come!


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