Back at it for Fall semester 2014


The Fall 2014 semester is back in full force. My full schedule of courses includes Music Appreciation, Live Sound, Recording Sessions, Audio Production III, and acting as Internship Coordinator. It’s been a busy but smooth semester so far, with students hard at work on projects.


We’ve also had many student events thus far, including our annual “DSU’s Got Talent”, which packed the Underground! The student talent was great again, and the judges entertained with their insightful (and oftentimes hilarious) commentary. Other events have included a DJ dance, a duo called “Scratch and Bang” featuring a DJ and drummer, as well as a comedian and motivational speaker.


The major upcoming event that we are thrilled about is acoustic musician Jami Lynn with Chris Champion. Once again, DSU Live is teaming up with the Madison Area Arts Council to bring this amazing show on Thursday, October 9th. We are also planning on recording the concert in order to have it broadcast on South Dakota Public Broadcasting radio.


And lastly, on a personal note, we surprised my dad last week by meeting him in LaCrosse, Wisconsin to celebrate his 60th birthday. It was both a fun and emotional day as we presented him with a collection of letters from many friends and family, which we called “60 memories for 60 years”. As we move into my favorite time of the season, we plan to keep working and playing hard!


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