Semester Wrap-up: Fall 2013


This has had to have been one of the craziest, wildest, busiest semesters yet, but also one of the most productive. In addition to an overload of classes to teach, DSU Live had a record number of events totaling 23! I was also excited to continue performing and receive some accolades for the Stephen Foster album. Here are some of the highlights of the semester:

Baby Mountain Concert at DSU and the Washington Pavilion (Recording to be released early 2014!):


SDPB Radio Interview and Wisconsin Public Radio performance on “Simply Folk”:


DSU Live Avian and Phantom Balance Concerts:

Finished mixing Paul Otteson’s album “Prairie Du Chien”:

Some other highlights include student Digital Arts and Design presentations for my Undergraduate Research class, a huge DSU Live kickoff event, “DSU’s Got Talent”, and recording projects for Recording Sessions class. Lastly, I was proud to have been awarded “The Year’s Best Tribute EP” on Cover Lay Down.

Goodbye 2013. We are looking forward to one heck of a year in 2014!


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