The Boundary Waters Adventure

We have had a wall-to-wall month of travel, vacationing, and hosting guests.  Time to get caught up with all that has been going on!  At the end of July, we headed out with four friends to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the northernmost part of Minnesota.  I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, except that we would be canoeing and portaging to secluded campsites on a four day trek.

Our first day was gloomy and rainy, with record low temperatures for that time of the year.  Even so, the morning fog on the lake looked eerily beautiful as we embarked on our journey.  Our first couple of portages included a challenging hike through rocky ankle deep water, but we eventually arrived at a beautiful island site where we spent two days.

Thankfully, the clouds parted for the next two days, and we dried out our clothes and enjoyed the beautiful and still scenery.  We spent much of our time fishing, making meals, and continuing to make our way down the river.  We needed to cover about twenty miles over the course of the trip, and it was a very peaceful experience making our way down the still waterways each day.

After all the hard work of canoeing and setting up camp, our meals tasted extra good each day, and I slept great in our tent each night, thanks especially to Cassie’s portable blow-up mattresses that she purchased for us, along with a number of other clever camping accessories.

We left a large piece of our traveling until the final day, and it was an especially challenging trek!  Near the end, I thought that I would never see the outfitters, but we were all smiles when it finally appeared.  We wrapped up our trip with some burgers at a nearby restaurant in the town of Ely, and headed back home.  It was a really unique experience that I am surprised to say I would do again! Next time, I’ll feel like a pro.



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