Semester in Review – Spring 2013

This spring marks the end of our third year living here in South Dakota and teaching at DSU.  It’s been a fun, busy, and unpredictable ride.  I’ve been excited to see the progress that has been made within the Audio Production program, and am anticipating some really positive changes for the Digital Arts program and university in the coming semesters. Here are the highlights of the past semester:

The 2013 National Association of Music Merchandisers Conference:  Eight students and I headed out to Anaheim to visit one of the nation’s largest music conferences.  I covered the event in three blog posts.

Performance at the SEAMUS Electronic Music Conference:  Cassie and I visited the Twin Cities in April for me to visit and perform at this national conference that focuses on music performance that utilizes electronics and new technology.  Here’s my blog post about it.  Video clips are soon to come.

Article in Online Magazine, “Harlot of the Arts”:  I am proud to have an article featured in this scholarly online magazine.  The issue discusses “sonic rhetorics” and how sound plays a role in making persuasive arguments.

DSU Live Music Events:  We kept incredibly busy doing live events on campus this semester.  The highlights included a folk and bluegrass show from The Tinder Box and Burlap Wolf King, as well as an end-of year rock show featuring one of our favorite bands, Amos Slade, with June Embers.

This summer, I am hard at work finishing up my Stephen Foster album recording project.  We also have plans to do some traveling and visit family, as well as some house projects.  Summer break is here!


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