Visiting SEAMUS 2013

This past weekend, Cassie and I visited St. Paul, Minnesota for me to attend the Society for Electro-Acoustic Musicians conference. It was held at the McNally Smith College of Music, and I performed my piece, “7 Sketches” at an evening session at the Amsterdam Bar nearby.

As a last-minute addition, drummer Graham O’Brien played some ambient percussion along with my performance. It was absolutely a blast to perform! My piece is for electric guitar along with reverb and delay effects. The resulting sound is a very ambient and flowing sort of feel. The concept results in a very unique sound, but also one that is accessible and calming to the audience. My abridged notes on the piece are below:

“Organized sound, to me, is nothing more than a series of passing thoughts. These ideas are built, layered, and organized to form a cohesive whole. But why, then, can a passing thought not stand simply on its own?

These sonic “sketches” are singular ideas for electric guitar, electronics, and tube amplifier, that employ gentle melodic and textural layers that are stretched into evolving, slow-motion patterns. The highly conjunct phrasing occasionally plays itself against the grainy sound bed.  Each tone represents a brief flicker of light that burns and fades.”



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