Cassie’s Ipso Gallery Show

While I’ve been hard at work with teaching and music projects, my wife Cassie has also been busy with creating art and showing work in a number of exhibitions all across the country!  One of them currently showing is a joint exhibition with SDSU instructor Mark Stemwedel titled, “Be Still” at the Ipso Gallery in downtown Sioux Falls.  This gallery is an extension of the Fresh Produce design firm, and is a very popular destination for area art enthusiasts, particular on its “First Friday” opening night.

The artists describe the exhibition in this way: “Still imagery creates an unexpected intimacy between the viewer and the often everyday subjects on a canvas. Ipso Gallery invites you to Be Still and explore the works of Cassie Marie Edwards and Mark Stemwedel as they, each in their own way, find life in stillness.”

You can check out Cassie’s amazing art on her website, Facebook page, or keep up with what she’s been up to on her blog. (Image provided by the Ipso Facebook page).


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