The NAMM Show – Day Three

It was hard to believe that we were on day three of the show and still had a whole lot of the conference yet to see! One of the highlights of the day was a presentation by recording engineers Fab Dupont and Michael Romanowski, who were demonstrating the power of their Apollo recording interface.  The demonstration included a live performance by a French singer/accordion player and guitarist.  Needless to say, we were all very impressed with both the performances and the product.

We also saw Steven Slate from Slate Digital give a demonstration of his new all-touchscreen mixing console, the Raven MTX.  The show featured many brand new products that are on the cutting edge of technology, many of which aren’t even on the market yet.

Another interesting part of the show was comparing analog synthesis versus digital, computer-based controllers and synthesis.  For example, the companies Moog and Dave Smith Instruments were featuring their latest fully analog synthesizers, while other companies such as Arturia were demonstrating new MIDI-based controllers and software synthesis.  Possibly one of the most interesting demonstrations of how MIDI and digital technology has evolved (and in some ways stayed the same) was a display that show communication by transferring MIDI data between a Commodore 64 and an iPad.

We stayed until literally the last minute of the conference.  Even though I got stuck for an extra night in Denver, a student and I caught a lucky break by being able to crash with good friends in the city (thanks John & Heidi!).  I came back home very inspired and ready to work hard on my latest projects.  I would absolutely consider taking students back to the conference again next year.  That’s all from NAMM 2013!


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