The NAMM Show – Day Two


One of the biggest highlights of the trip came when we stopped by the Avid booth (creator of Pro Tools) and found seats in the front two rows to see a live taping of the web video show, Pensado’s Place, featuring Grammy-award-winning mix engineer, Dave Pensado.  The show was celebrating it’s 100th episode, and because of this, they invited a number of surprise guests, including one of my all-time favorite recording engineers, Chris Lord-Alge.  All of these famous names (at least in the recording world) were sitting literally a few feet in front of us.  It was amazing!

The show is now available on YouTube and through the Pensado’s Place website.  We found it especially funny that you can see us in the audience on occasion, and also the back of several of our heads for much of the show:

In addition to spending more of the day exploring the showroom floor, we attended an industry roundtable as part of the Generation Next program.  This discussion was led by NAMM President, Joe Lamond and was focused on how to get a job in the music industry.

The day was topped off by sightings of some famous musicians including Kyle Gass (from Tenacious D with Jack Black), and Tony Levin, bassist for King Crimson and Peter Gabriel, as well as seeing a panel about the past and future of MIDI technology.  It was another inspiring day, but we still had one full day of the show left and there was still a lot left to see!


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