Semester in Review – Fall 2012

It was a really busy semester this Fall, with a lot of teaching, lots of projects, and a lot of live music. To commemorate the final day of 2012, a rundown of some of my project and academic highlights:

Voices Of Progress: I gave a presentation as a part of a lecture series on the Emmett Till lynching that occurred in Mississippi in the 1950′s and was an early spark for the Civil Rights movement. My presentation focused on the music of the Civil Rights and other protest music, and how the genres have evolved and expanded over time.

College to Career: Our Audio for Video class finished our video project featuring DSU students and staff. I spent the summer working on the final tweaks and bringing all of the elements together.

Take the Day: I returned to perform and record again at this event at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls this year. I took the opportunity to set up my guitar rig and record some ambient guitar as a part my “Overcast” series.

Recording “December Sessions”: As I began experimenting with ambient music on electric guitar, I was very inspired by a musician named Andy Othling who records music under the name Lowercase Noises. By combining a number of effects including delay and reverb, I created a series of audio recordings and videos throughout the month of December.

The SoDak Animation Festival and the Governor’s Biennial Art Exhibition: There were two simultaneous exciting events happening at SDSU in Brookings this Fall. My wife Cassie had a piece featured in the Governor’s Biennial Exhibition that tours throughout the state and was showing at the South Dakota Art Museum. We also saw several presentations from the SoDak Animation festival. I posted an animation from panelist Kirsten Lepore here.

Musicians Visiting DSU: One of the best trends of the semester was the number of great bands and musicians who visited campus to perform for students, faculty, and staff. I posted about many of these performers which included Tony Memmel, Avian Sunrise, Amos Slade, Black Alley, Preston Pugmire, and Adam Hammer.

If I were to pick my most notable events/accomplishments for the year, they would be: Starting the Here in the Middle podcast, showing our work at the Young Dakota Artists exhibition, our visit to the Black Hills with work on the upcoming multimedia project, mixing Paul Otteson’s album Robin Red, work on my Overcast project, earning another FRI grant and doing grant project website work, and the dozens of musicians who we saw perform live, who visited us, or who we hosted as a part of DSU Live. Here’s to an even more amazing year in 2013!


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