Creating Ambient Bliss at “Take the Day”

I returned to perform and record again at the “Take the Day” event at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls this year. Cassie and I had an amazing time last year, and I took the opportunity to set up my guitar rig and record some ambient guitar. At the same time, we were excited to be paid a visit from Cassie’s mom, sister, and her husband, as well as our amazing little godson, Noah!

At the “Take the Day” event, I set up my sound equipment so that I could record live electric guitar throughout the day. As I played, people could pass through and ask questions if they wanted to. They could also just listen and take in all of the art projects that were being created around me. Some people were very intrigued and wanted to know how I made my sounds. Others just gave inquisitive faces and walked by quickly. My most curious audience was a group of young people who wanted to know every detail about what I was doing. One of the boys asked me, “are you a sound artist”? I told him that he was exactly right!

After about eight hours of recording, I came up with a series of “sketches” that I am publishing under the name Overcast, which was a project I did back in college. The idea of doing sonic sketches was inspired by Andy Othling, who writes his own solo music under the name Lowercase Noises. Enjoy the result of a hard day’s work, and there will be more Overcast to come.


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