Summer 2012 Recap

Wait.. really? It’s the end of summer already? Well, at least when it comes to teaching, summer is at its end and school is back in session next week. I’m geared up and ready to get back to it! But in the meantime, here’s a rundown of what happened over the course of the summer:

– Completed Paul Otteson‘s full-length album mix: Robin Red

– Finished work on my collaboration with the English for New Media grant project website: “Stop Hurt. Start Here.”

– Took a vacation with our friends to the Black Hills and Badlands and took footage for our FRI grant project. I also made this fun video here.

– Cassie and I did interviews for our podcast, Here in the Middle, featuring T.J. Donovan, Joe Briggs, a music episode, and coming soon: Count This Penny.

– Played live shows at Bracco restaurant in Sioux Falls throughout the summer, as well as shared several shows with friend Adam Nero from the band Expatriate. I also put together this video.

Remodeled my basement recording studio with fancy new carpet.

– And, on a few personal notes, we visited home to see Cassie’s sister’s new baby boy! We also saw a Brewer game at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Cassie displayed her artwork in a solo show at River Edge Gallery, we saw our good friends John Statz, Paul Otteson, and Count This Penny play a show at the Sh*tty Barn in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  Oh, how the time flies.

Great pics by Cassie


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