The Badlands and the Black Hills

It was great to spend a week in the great outdoors on the western end of our state in the Badlands and the Black Hills! Cassie and I, along with our friends and their dogs (Bilbo and Pickles), took a 5-day camping excursion. Along with the fun of camping, swimming, and hiking, we also used the trip as an opportunity to take footage for our upcoming video project. It went really well, and the project is already starting to really come together.

It is hard to believe that the Badlands is less than five hours away, because it feels like being on another planet. The desert landscape and eroded rock make for a spectacular view. The Black Hills, by contrast, are an enormous and lush forest. We camped on Pactola Lake, which had a fantastic view of the water from our campground. We also went on a particular exciting hike where we saw dozens of Osprey, which are large birds that are known for their ability to capture fish from the water.

In addition to taking footage for our video project, I put together this little gem (the password is ‘badlands’):

The Badlands and the Black Hills: A Journey from Nathan Edwards on Vimeo

For all of our pics, check them out on my Flickr page.


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