A Couple of Weeks in Wisconsin

We kept plenty busy over the past several weeks visiting friends and family in Wisconsin. The main event was Cassie’s solo art show in Thiensville, just north of Milwaukee at River Edge Gallery. We (very carefully) drove there with a trunk packed full of artwork and got the show set up for the opening. She will be showing her work there for about a month. Check out more details at Cassie’s blog.

In addition to also visiting a lot of family and friends, attending a wedding of a long-time hometown neighbor, going to an art fair in Spring Green, and recording several new podcasts (coming soon), I was really excited to finally see a Brewer game at Miller Park, and the even better news is that they won!

It was so great to see so many people and attend so many fun events!  Now, we are back home in South Dakota to take a little break for the next month.  I hope to get a lot of songwriting done in the nice new studio, and also finish some house projects.  I’m really excited to show the new podcasts that were recorded, so definitely stay tuned…


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