Spring Semester Recap

Ah yes, I have officially finished my second year of DSU and the time has come once again to recap all that has been done over the past few months.  This semester was particularly unique because of some bigger projects that have presented themselves, some of which are still in progress or are a continuing series.  Without further ado, here’s what went down in Spring 2012:

Personal Projects:

Here in the Middle – Ongoing Podcast show and Website

Young Dakota Artists – Gallery showing at NSU and the ND Museum of Art

And I just finished working on an AMAZING project… hint hint

University Events:

Tips for Talent fundraiser

DSU Live Battle of the Bands

University Poetry Slam

Audio & Animation Spotlight

Lastly, our internship video project for our Audio for Video class is currently in post-production and looks like it will turn out beautifully. More on that coming soon…

Summer is here! So what’s on the agenda? We will be working on shooting our video, doing some traveling out west and to Wisconsin, maybe take a trip up to Minneapolis, go to Cassie’s gallery show in Milwaukee, house projects, and probably a whole lot more to keep us busy. But for today, I’m going to sit back, relax, and enjoy a little peace and quiet.


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