Lots of Video: Live Bands and Interviews

As the semester continues in full gear, several fun projects are in the works. DSU Live hosted this year’s Battle of the Bands competition last week. Four bands fought for our top prize, and Amos Slade blew us all away and came out as the winner. Students Cody Welu and Nathan Fields took this time-lapse video of our teardown:

The live production turned out great, but even more exciting is the camera shoot that we did during the event. We had a total of no less than five digital SLR cameras shooting video from a number of different angles. The video is currently in post-production, and we are anticipating some amazing results soon to come.

Another project is a short film that our “Audio for Video” class is working on that will show current and prospective Digital Arts and Design students at DSU how to seek out internships and start on a path to their careers. As a part of this project, we are interviewing recent graduates of DSU to learn about their internship experiences and the positive impact that it had on their education.

Last week, we interviewed recent DSU alumni Courtney Schlimgen and Jerad Schlobohm, as well as DSU student Margaret Pillatzki. Not only did the interviewees lend us some great insight into the internship process, but it also gave us a chance to work on our production skills: capturing sound, setting up lighting, and framing shots. There is a lot of work still to complete, but we are already excited about our final product that we aim to complete by the end of the year.


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