Students participate in the Global Game Jam


Over the course of the last two days, Professor Steve Graham headed up the annual Global Game Jam here at DSU. As in previous years, dozens of students participated on eight different teams with the goal of creating an entire game over the course of a single weekend. I dropped by campus and periodically captured the students hard at work. It appears that the weekend consisted of a lot of work on coding, art and sound design, pizza and soda consumption, and very little sleep. Ultimately, the results were fun an impressive, featuring themes that ranged from dark and ominous, to very humorous. Here’s a highlight reel that I compiled from the weekend:

The winning game was titled Run, Atom, Run, which involved a character being chased by a crazed snake as it devours the entire level. Several other games that I found particularly fun were ones called Blob the Builder and Cooking Snakes RPG. DSU Alumni Kristen Cooper provided the soundtrack to the video I posted, as well as the humorous (and hopefully not too culturally offensive) music designed for their Cooking Snakes game:

The entire experience is mainly about teamwork, creativity, and a chance to refine and display students’ skills and talents. Congrats to all of the participants for their hard work and effort!


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