DSU Hosts a Banquet for Hunger Awareness


School has gotten back into the swing of things, and our diversity services center started things off on a somber, but important note, raising the awareness of hunger as it exists not only throughout the world, but also locally. Music instructor Sandy Champion was the master of ceremonies for the event, and she helped us gain an understanding of just how large of an issue hunger and poverty is on our planet.


To demonstrate this, as attendees entered the room, they were randomly chosen to represent either upper-class society, the middle-class, or poverty-level society, which counted for about half of the participants. The upper-class citizens were served meals and placed at a higher level above the other participants, while the lower-class citizens were forced to share a limited portion of rice and water while sitting on the floor.


This was, of course, meant to give us all a perspective on how privileged we are to live in the society that we do, and motivate us to find ways that we can help with this issue, even on a smaller or more local scale. As the end of the night neared, I sang a Steven Foster song, “Hard Times” while being accompanied by Sandy’s husband Chris on guitar. To end the night, four of Sandy’s choir students sang a beautiful rendition of the song, “One Voice” by The Wailin’ Jennys. The event made a powerful statement about the potential for us all to make a difference. You can see all of my pictures on my Flickr page.






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