End of Semester Recap – Fall 2011

Wait… Is it Christmas already? That’s the kind of semester it’s been: Fast-paced and packed with classes and projects. In addition to taking on an extra-full teaching load, I finished some pretty large personal projects and DSU Live was in full swing with live events. Here’s a rundown of what kept me busy during the past several months:

Personal Projects:

– Redesign of the website you are viewing!

– ‘Take the Day‘ event at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls

– Mixed and Mastered the Paul Otteson EP, ‘Fall Where They May

School Related:

– Awarded a ‘Faculty Research Initiative‘ grant for an upcoming video project

– Gave a presentation to the DSU Foundation Board

– Recording Engineer Scott Jibben gave a guest lecture

– Participated in the first annual ‘Science, Art, and Technology Fair

Student Projects:

– Students created music videos from songs on my album

– Students in my Undergraduate Research class created projects

– As an internship project, students presented a scholarship video to a huge crowd

– Audio student Tyler Steele recorded ‘Olde Funk Riot‘ in the studio

DSU Live Events:

– I played an acoustic show at Myxers

Avian Sunrise and The Broken Resolve played a live show

– We hosted a Gong Show and Open Mic Night

Audri Vargas Acoustic Show

– Hosted Slam Poet, George Watsky, for a Student Activities Board event

And, one more no-so-small event in October: My brother Matt got married!   (Amazing pics by my wife, Cassie)

There’s a lot to be happy about going into 2012.


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